Tribute to Earth Day

Awareness is without boundary, patience give birth to space, but only by understanding sustainability ensures. In sustainability, we live as the time went by, but even as the most perfect being, we still remain vulnerable to the changes. Ironically, these natural and environmental changes were initiated by the man himself.

As of right now, the species extinction rate has reached one species per day, James Luhr (2004) even said that, sometimes one species may become extinct every span of twenty minutes. With current speed continuous declining of Earth’s biodiversity, the current extinction rate is in the highest level in the last 65 million year, with men as the agents in building their own extinction.

Consensus as the basis of inspiration and appreciation for the earth as a collective consciousness, has began the celebration called the Earth Day. The fall of each celebrations are dated on April 22nd. Throughout the celebration, the victory of Al Gore as a Nobel peace laureate in 2007 proves this. Al Gore is trying to join forces to tackle the dangers caused by the increasing temperature of the earth surface, and it is widely expected to have an impact on climate change.

In An Unconvenient Truth: The Crisis of Global Warming, Al Gore trying to explain, that basically, the earth is changing and those changes caused by human activities. Earth, is significantly changing, and certainly was not as solid as before. Human population increases, land degradation, heavy pollution, climate change and biodiversity declining is a global problem which affects on a massive scale.

Martin Rees in Our Final Century, once mentions that humans only have a fifty-fifty chance to survive until the beginning of a new century of his life. It is because the declining rate of resources that we consume every day, he predicts that at 2050 there will be no more resources left to consume.

Do we realizes, that the earth’s ability to absorb carbon-dioxide emisis through forests diminishing very quickly, or if our water supply is already too polluted to be feasible?. Remember, one liter of oil can contaminate a number of 800 000 liters of water. And every year we waste 3.177 million liters of oil into the rivers, and oceans.

Gaia hypothesis, considers that the earth’s biosphere and other physical components (atmosphere, cryosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere) integrated with each other in forming a complex interaction system, in maintaining the climate and biogeochemistry in a state of homeostasis. James Lovelock proposes this hypothesis by looking at the earth as a single organism.

Planet Earth is a collective consciousness which is obviously higher than human consciousness itself. Indonesia called her ibu pertiwi. Because the mother was giving birth and feed their children. Unfortunately, the sincerity of a mother’s love is not fully understood. We often do not understand the workings of nature, and that’s what makes it difficult and then breed conflicts. Its very hard to understand how, the teachings about to respects our nature in society begins. Nature dialectic, such as the form of tribute to the environment in Bali, that through covering a tree trunk with cloth and also prayed and sprinkled it with flower. Remember, Earth itself does not create limitations, and among many millions of planets that exist, theres only one that we can live on.

Our earth is now an old mother, as she now aged more than 4.65 billion years old, she’s not as strong as in two billion years ago. However, shes’s still struggled to keep herself cool enough so that we as one form of life dependent on her, could live comfortably. She works very hard to manage the heat effect from the sun in such a way, but it was her own children, that continuously degrading her lifetime just for the sake of his own race.

It is said that, Mars and Venus was Earth’s siblings that had already died. And sometime later the Earth will meet her end too. Now as, we’re already using 140% of her capacity each year, we tends to draws the end of her story ourself.
On this day, April 22, 2010, we need to thank our mother who have provided a home for us. Honour her earnest with true love. Because we have only One Earth, nothing more.

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